Our Journey

Hey you!! Thanks for popping over and getting to know me better!! Our journey has been a fun one and I love to share it.... so here it goes!!

I have always loved all things fashion, beauty and crafts! I have always been a firm believer in - "if you look good, you feel good." If you look good and feel good- nothing can get in your way, you are capable of moving mountains!   

I begin my career journey in life by attending and graduating cosmetology school. I love that I get to make people feel powerful and amazing.  A few years into my career (a husband and 2 kids as well), I decided to take that a step further by getting involved in the fashion world by opening a boutique in my salon offering clothing and accessories to offer a complete package! 

My boutique has went through many adventures since opening but I wouldn't change them for the world.  It has gotten me to where I am today! I get to work in my own shop surrounded by everything I love!

It started in 2014 with a co-worker and I who share a common love for family, craftiness and everything cosmetology.  We designed 100 children onesies in two weeks time for our first craft show in November.  In march we opened our own cosmetology shop and were able to create a shopping space to display all of our items!  We extended our handmade line from baby attire to adult, as well as added many baby items, jewelry and home décor. Many babies later (4 each to be exact) we put our craft show traveling on hold and branched out in our own ways. I expanded into the world of ecom with a boutique line! In May of 2021 my very own doors to Kreative Trendz and Kreatively.JC opened and I couldn't not be more excited! I will continue to beautify my clients and my children get to work side by side with me creating handmade items and fulfilling orders! My husband and I have 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl, who get to learn the world of entrepreneurship with me.  They love to help create the handmade items with me, especially my little girl!      

Our mission is to make you feel beautiful inside and out.  We want to help you, move mountains! 

    - Jessica Cole